Ryan Gosling for Klown

This is a half tongue-in-cheek, half totally serious blog casting Ryan Gosling as himself in Klown. Based on the Danish partially-improvised television series and film Klovn, it follows two actors, one a comedian and another a famous playboy, who run their own production company but spend the majority of their time being clueless assholes. It’s currently being remade with Danny McBride, but other than that I know nothing about the American version. I’m sure in his personal life Mr. Gosling doesn’t cheat on his girlfriend or drink constantly or use drugs, but wouldn’t it be funny if he did?

I highly recommend checking out the original. Some of the episodes are available on YouTube, or you can torrent them. No American DVD has been released, but there are official English subs available. I also fully support campaigning for Gosling to be in the remake, because we all know how easy it is to get stars to commit to adaptations of shows nobody outside of Europe knows about.

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